D-QUEST: How the body, soul and spirit are connected (Wholeness)

He has also planted eternity [a sense of divine purpose] in the human heart [a mysterious longing which nothing under the sun can satisfy, except God] Ecclesiastes 3:11 (AMP)

Flora Trebi-Ollennu
5 min readJan 12, 2022

What good is a great car without a driver? Or what good is a classic horse-drawn carriage without a coachman? The body is like a car. And the spirit (heart) is the driver. The heart determines what the soul and body should do just as a driver moves the car the way he or she wants.

Situated within the soul of every person is a D-Quest (direction quest), your spirit. It is a longing to know where you are going and where you came from. In other words: why am I here? The spirit itself does not possess the map but it has been given the ability to find it. To drive one must know where he or she is going and which routes to take. If a driver does not know where he is going he drives in circles. Every one seeks direction or wants to make sense of their lives because of this D-Quest in the soul, the same reason a driver secures a map or directions to get to where he wants.

But the map or directions for the spirit is accessed by one unique MASTER KEY or PASSWORD. Everybody’s map is different since everyone is unique, but, everyone can access their unique map using the same MASTER KEY or PASSWORD. Although each map is different, they all lead to the same destination, which is, experiencing friendship with God, now and in the future.

Using the horse-drawn carriage as an illustration, the driver and the horses constitute the soul: the driver is the spirit , the horses the soul and the carriage the body. The will is like a control system occupying the entrance to D-Quest, your spirit. The ‘brain’ of the will is the heart, as a central processing unit is to a motherboard. The longing for direction within D-Quest (your spirit), however, is a powerful force always pushing to gain access to the will (the control system).

Once you get to know the PASSWORD or get access to the MASTER KEY and use it, you immediately gain access to your unique map where you discover why you were made and how to live it out. And this is the moment your quest for direction is fulfilled (D-Quest). Your spirit connects with the spirit of God. We usually put it this way: my spirit is at peace. This is where wholeness of a person begins. From here on the moving pieces of your life is redefined: passion, pursuit, and purpose, to create a recognizable picture that lines up with God’s vision for you. However, the PASSWORD or MASTER KEY cannot be discarded because you will need it to help you navigate your way on the various routes you will travel each day.

What also happens when you use the MASTER KEY is that the driver (the will which is the gate to the spirit and the spirit) are replaced by the one who owns the MASTER KEY or PASSWORD. The one who owns the MASTER KEY is also the one who created you. Since the manufacturer knows his product because he put it meticulously together (Psalm 139:13–14), the manual or map he provides for the product (you) can be trusted. The MASTER KEY or PASSWORD is the WORD.

This new driver changes the nature of the heart that used to power and motivate the will (self-will). A new heart replaces the old heart, filled with the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God through the WORD now directs the soul (the horses) and the body (carriage) where to go and how to live. Because the one who owns the MASTER KEY has complete knowledge and power over all the routes you will be traveling, he is able to help you along each way: good and bad relationships, good and bad terrain, good and bad seasons, good and bad situation or circumstances. Most important of all, not only is he able to help you live a meaningful life but he is also able to let you escape the death of your soul when your body dies, so you can continue to fulfill all your dreams with a new and imperishable body in the new earth and heaven he will create at the end of this age (Romans 8:2).

People have fashioned and used different keys or passwords to try and access their unique maps or directions to no avail. And yet the MASTER KEY or PASSWORD is so easy and accessible that children are able to reach for it without a sweat. And this is one of the reasons some do not like the MASTER KEY or PASSWORD. You do not have to go on an Indiana Jones kind of adventure to retrieve it; you don’t need to undertake heroic feats to obtain it; you don’t need to master some special knowledge to unlock it; you don’t even need to be good to find it. All you need to do is to believe it is the MASTER KEY, and voila, you can access your unique map for your life.

The cool thing about D-Quest is that any soul who genuinely longs for the map finds it even if it is the last minute, even on their death beds. But many people enjoy using wrong keys: religious practices other than the WORD, the false belief that they possess the map for their lives (self-will), power and fame, making money, enjoying sinful ways, or denying flatly that they even have a soul. Using these wrong keys is one way people cover up their fear of the future and the unknown.

A lot of people also like using these wrong keys because they are not interested in using the MASTER KEY, the WORD, once they become aware this WORD is absolute TRUTH, and this TRUTH is actually a person. This kind of thinking thrives on the false argument of Thrasymachus in Plato’s Republic, (if we replace injustice with falsehood and justice with truth): “falsehood, if it is on a large enough scale, is stronger, freer and more masterly than truth.” Just look around you and you will see that falsehood has a broad appeal, and indeed on a large scale everywhere in the world so people feel stronger, freer and more masterly: embracing the lie that there are many truths and ways to connect to God, or even that you can be your own god. The same lie Satan peddled to our first parents, only for them to find out they had been tricked. They did not become gods. There is only one God, uncreated and who has always existed. He loves each person dearly and wants to have a relationship with each of us.

How do you know you have the right key? Because God does everything by His WORD and that WORD is called Jesus Christ, the TRUTH (John 1:1–4). It therefore follows that he will also graciously provide the map for your unique life by His WORD, Jesus Christ, the TRUTH.

God created the world by His WORD (Hebrews 11:3)
God formed people by His WORD (Genesis 1:26)
God saves people from sin by His WORD (Romans 10:8–10)
God sustains saved people by His WORD (1 Peter 1:23)
God will resurrect the dead by His WORD (Philippians 3:20–21; John 5:24, 28–29)
God will judge people by His WORD (Matthew 25: 31–46)
God will create a new earth and heaven by His WORD (2 Peter 3:13)
God will rule the new earth and heaven by His WORD (Revelation 21)

Would you consider using the MASTER KEY or PASSWORD if you haven’t yet?



Flora Trebi-Ollennu

Flora Trebi-Ollennu is both a nonfiction and fiction writer. She writes for all age groups: children, youth and adults.