Black is Authenticity

Because it was only yesterday,
But we have arrived at today,
The What …
Down deeply dark flooded tunnels,
But …
We drowned not,
Never lost our way.
Rods of raiding bandits
Plundering our resources,
Broke us not,
Never lost our strength,
Only to define us, more clearly.
How much …
Because silence itself speaks
Marks the milestones
In effortless eruptions of truth
Leaping off the pages of history
And Why …
A puzzle that spurs us on
Until each piece rests in its place,
A true picture of us,
A collection of one,
Our being, our purpose
To a world in need of COURAGE




Flora Trebi-Ollennu

Flora Trebi-Ollennu is both a nonfiction and fiction writer. She writes for all age groups: children, youth and adults.